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Gem OC: Erythrite by TenderLumpkins Gem OC: Erythrite :icontenderlumpkins:TenderLumpkins 13 1 MLP OC: Moonlight Nocturne by TenderLumpkins MLP OC: Moonlight Nocturne :icontenderlumpkins:TenderLumpkins 50 6 Bounsweet Evolution Line by TenderLumpkins Bounsweet Evolution Line :icontenderlumpkins:TenderLumpkins 14 1 MLP OC: Gilded Valor by TenderLumpkins MLP OC: Gilded Valor :icontenderlumpkins:TenderLumpkins 24 4 MLP OC: Starlet Scream by TenderLumpkins MLP OC: Starlet Scream :icontenderlumpkins:TenderLumpkins 39 4 MLP OC: Doloessa by TenderLumpkins MLP OC: Doloessa :icontenderlumpkins:TenderLumpkins 30 3 MLP OC: Fata Morgana Land by TenderLumpkins MLP OC: Fata Morgana Land :icontenderlumpkins:TenderLumpkins 21 2 MLP OC: Fata Morgana by TenderLumpkins MLP OC: Fata Morgana :icontenderlumpkins:TenderLumpkins 22 9 MLP OC: Vivezza Rose by TenderLumpkins MLP OC: Vivezza Rose :icontenderlumpkins:TenderLumpkins 13 5 MLP OC: Petite Creme by TenderLumpkins MLP OC: Petite Creme :icontenderlumpkins:TenderLumpkins 33 6 MLP OC: Bindweed by TenderLumpkins MLP OC: Bindweed :icontenderlumpkins:TenderLumpkins 25 4 MLP OC: Pyrite Peat by TenderLumpkins MLP OC: Pyrite Peat :icontenderlumpkins:TenderLumpkins 5 0 MLP OC: Goldie by TenderLumpkins MLP OC: Goldie :icontenderlumpkins:TenderLumpkins 25 1 MLP OC: Turquoise Heart by TenderLumpkins MLP OC: Turquoise Heart :icontenderlumpkins:TenderLumpkins 15 1 MLP OC: Abyssal Shade by TenderLumpkins MLP OC: Abyssal Shade :icontenderlumpkins:TenderLumpkins 13 0 MLP OC: Magpie by TenderLumpkins MLP OC: Magpie :icontenderlumpkins:TenderLumpkins 27 6



Gem OC: Erythrite
Name: Erythrite
Age: A couple thousand years at least
Gender: She/Her
Crystal System: Monoclinic
Crystal Class: Prismatic
Affiliation: Homeworld
Superior: Blue Diamond (Formerly Pink Diamond)
Weapon: Weighted Pendulum

Erythrite is a gem who works as an interrogator for the Diamond Authority. She handles the particularly rowdy war criminals who the Diamonds know are keeping secrets or won't confess. Although her Pendulum can and has been used as a conventional weapon its true power lies in it's ability to refract light in such a way that it creates powerful illusions (very similar to the hard light illusions that that make up a gem's body but on a larger scale). This comes in handy when trying to wheedle information out of prisoners.
MLP OC: Moonlight Nocturne
OR Midnight Nocturne OR Nocturnia. I haven't decided which yet.

Nocturne is a matron of a society dedicated to Princess Luna and her glorious nights. Wealthy and a noblemare in the thestral community she holds events for the longest night out of the year, lunar eclipses, and meteor showers for the society. On Nightmare Night she throws a lavish masquerade party in her mansion where the general public are allowed to come and participate in the festivities. 

On the surface she is a respected, even beloved member of the Canterlot elite but there might be a skeleton or two lurking in her closet.

I made this on my base and took some design points from past artworks of mine since I thought they'd work for her. I also really dig her super neato graying pattern. 
Bounsweet Evolution Line

I usually don't draw Pokemon but I just had to draw my favorite evolution line from Sun/Moon. I know this is about nine months late and all the hype is gone but I just got the game a few weeks ago and have really been loving it.

Grass Types aren't my bag so I'm pretty surprised that I ended up loving these babies so much. I guess Tsareena's Trip Kick left me shook.

MLP OC: Gilded Valor
Gilded Valor is a high ranking officer in the solar guard who specializes in intelligence and battle tactics. His special talent is light manipulation; in particular he is good at creating dazzling displays that he has used on several occasions to confuse, confound, and distract enemy forces when in a bind. In addition to that Gilded is excellent with a spear and not too shabby with swordplay either. 

The scar on his chest came from a confrontation where Gilded was captured and kept as a prisoner of war for two months, during which time he was presumed dead. 

Gilded Valor is a dedicated, loving husband and father who puts the lives of his family far above his own. He makes mistakes with is three children (Allure, Shimmer Minx, and Argent Edge)  - boy howdy does he ever make mistakes - but he works to fix them to the best of his ability (though he struggles constantly with being over protective). 

Because he is half Saddle Arabian Gilded stands taller than most other ponies and possess more bulk as well, him and his twin brother Mirage having taken more towards their mother's Arabian rather than their father's Equestrian. I also have a headcanon that half Saddle Arabians can either have or not have a cutie mark - sometimes they get them and sometimes they don't. I also think that a half Saddle Arabian's horn might not look like how horns look for full blooded Equestrians, hence why his is so thin, gnarly, and a different color.

Also the singular different colored hoof to match the bit of bluish silver in the mane is something i just thought was neat. 
MLP OC: Starlet Scream
Meet my newest bat pony OC, Starlet Scream!

She hosts her own radio show that’s sort of like Tales of the Crypt meets creepypasta and it focuses on stories with a horror/paranormal/low sci-fi/cryptid plot (and they tend to be mixed up with other genres, too. Like horror/comedy or cryptid romance, etc). Anyway she’s not only the host who introduces the story and gives final thoughts in puns and quips (much like the crypt keeper, Elvira, and Vampira) but she also produces and writes most of them. On air she’s known as Mistress of the Moontide, Spookarella (or Spookra, I haven’t figured it out yet).

When she isn't on air or working on her scripts/stories she likes to read up in the cemetery, shop at the local antiques and oddities store, or park it in her local cafe drinking fruity teas. She enjoys the macabre, taxidermy, and staying up late.



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

Hey there everyone!

I know I haven't done much with my deviantART but I'd like to change that a little bit. I'm working on uploading more content for you guys to enjoy. I usually don't even remember I have a deviantART because I went so long without one. Anyway, without further ado, here are the things I'm doing. 

  1. I'm going through all of my galleries to allow downloads of my fanarts. While this doesn't cover original characters of mine or commissions I've drawn for people, it does open up a considerable part of my stuff for you guys to use directly. If you do use it, all I ask is that you don't claim the work as your own. 
  2. You'll likely notice some works popping up that are going to have watermarks on them. That's because they're pieces that people commissioned from me. I know, it sucks that they're so big and cut across the art, but hopefully that'll discourage some from taking them to claim as their own OCs.
  3. Sneek Peaks for my rarely updated tumblr uninspiredequstrianauthor will be put up here as well. 
  4. There is a chance that I might do written reviews and analyze episodes of MLP:FiM. It's something I've always found pretty neat but I just never got around to even attempting it. 
Anyway, I think that's all for now. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to toss them down in the comments section. 


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United States
I'm a person starting out in digital art and interested in expanding my on my abilities.

Currently I'm into My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic doodling. I wouldn't label myself a brony but I do love creating fanart for the show and I appreciate so many things that other fans have created for the fandom.

I adore Sailor Moon as well. She was my go to super hero as a little girl and that adoration has only grown with the years. While I don't do much work pertaining to that series yet, I hope to expand myself to it eventually.

I'm a fan of the horror movie genre and I love sitting down to marathon campy, cheesy flicks in my spare time.

I like storytelling a good deal and RPing, too.


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